Richlook as a homegrown brand and styling solution provider kicked off its journey in the year 1993 with over 500 multi-brand outlets across the country. The journey was further accelerated with the launch of a wide network of exclusive brand stores in 2006. At present Richlook proudly claims to its credit a fleet of more than 60 exclusive brand outlets only in the north India. 

Richlook is a quintessential brand which is specialized in Men’s apparel. Richlook has contemporized the idea of Men’s clothing by offering a perfect amalgamation of latest trends in sync with the classic essence of men's fashion. Richlook promotes the idea of easy dressing in everything it designs for its user. It understands the clothing requirements of urban men living in the bustling cities amidst the stream of modern hurry. They remain active throughout the day to keep up with the pace of contemporary time and never settle down to rest. Richlook has done its elaborate research with due diligence, partnering with best of minds from the fashion industry, to launch a whole new apparel line that helps the metrosexual men to breathe easy and feel comfortable from deep inside while being on their toes and sweating out through the day. Therefore Richlook rightly claims to understand MEN much better than anyone else. 

We have designed clothes for every single moment of the day. Life of a contemporary Man usually starts with the preparation for a gruesome day at the office that runs through a series of events like giving a presentation to the folk of offshore clients followed by a trail of meetings with the team and by the evening he gets blurred both in body and spirit. But that’s not the end of a typical day in the life of a random person around us. In the evening, he probably will have a drop into the boss’s place to attend the celebration of the boss’s marriage anniversary to avoid disappointing him. 

We in Richlook have rolled out a dedicated apparel line with a wide range of variety for every single event in the life of a Man from dusk to dawn. We boast of our versatile collection of formal and semi-formal clothes which have been tailor-made in sync with the dress code being followed in the corporate worldwide. We also incorporate semi-formal category of the office wears which gives our customers the liberty to transcend the forbidden line of the traditional concept of dressing for the workplace in order to help them embrace a fresh perspective of fusion dressing that prioritizes the comfort and convenience of dressing. You can mix a light shaded floral printed shirt with a blazer in black and white stripes complemented with chinos in solid colors. Or else you can even pair a pastel-shaded pink shirt coupled with a white formal blazer to dazzle on a fun-filled Friday in the office  

We have a cool and colorful portfolio of party wear too which can flip you to the party mode by bringing out your mischievous self and give you the boost you need to flirt with the gorgeous ladies around you at the party. It will be an immense injustice to our apparel line if the profound collection of winter wear which unfolds itself in a diversity of the unconventional range of winter jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts do not earn a mention. You can check our winter line of clothes to get yourselves blanketed in the warmth of cool winter fashion.   

While offering a comprehensive solution to all kinds of dressing anxieties of Men round the year, we have not forgotten about the journey of the Teens who are still in college or university and gradually transitioning to the stage of Manhood which is torn between a strenuous day at the office and scintillating evenings at the parties. Teenagers swear by jeans and a trendy T-shirt and so do we. 

Richlook feels extremely proud to have managed to refurbish its collection with a wide pool of options of jeans ranging from normal fit, slim fit to rugged jeans for the youngsters to choose from. Teenagers now wear their attitude in their sleeves in the form of a T-shirt. In a bid to pay tribute to their infallible love for the Tees, we have put together the most diversified range of T-shirt collection, picking up the concepts in bits and pieces from each street corner and campus of the country. When it comes to a T-shirt or any other apparel your endless search for something distinct by virtue of its own uniqueness might end in our website as we keep updating our website with new items constantly pouring in our collection following the footprints of the latest trends.         

In Richlook, we are driven by the principle that clothes are not just an external element with little or no significance to our inner self that we usually choose at random, it is on the contrary a visible extension of our identity that defines who we are and how we will be perceived in the broader spectrum of the public domain. Therefore we strongly believe that we are in the business of shaping personalities and grooming Men in the pursuit of appearing smart, confident and graceful in the eyes of others as well as themselves.